500,000 pipo nai FG wan train for computer

computer lectures

Bureau of Public Service Reforms say dem wan train 500,000 pipo wey dey work with govimet to know how to use computer wella.

Na on Sunday for Abuja nai the Oga Director for bureau, Dansuki Arabi tell NAN. Hin say dem dey work with American govimet with oda pipo to take train the 500,000 pipo.

Hin say govimet don already gree for the plan so that the work go epp govimet workers for dem work.

The resin for the training na to make Nigeria govimet worker to fit rub bodi with the first 20 kontri for the world for year 2025.

Cus wey 2030 reach, Nigerian public service nor go dey write any tin for paper again but na only to dey use computer.

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