Afta 20yrs, no be me the the papa of my two children

Trouble be like wetin again?

Nai be the case of Fada Kane wey hin real name na Kanedrick Kinsley Agwu, OAP wey dey work with FAD 93.1FM for calabar.

On Friday morning nai Fada enter social media start to dey download how hin take be papa of two children for past 20 years naw, untill DNA come show say hin before girlfriend MaryAnn Efa, lie for am say na hin be the papa of the children.

For wetin hin write as e take show for the affidavit and the DNA result he say “My name na Fredrick Kinsley Agwu but pipo know me as Fada Kane,  no be me born Anthonia Duke and Paul Duke as MaryAnn Efa lie for my head.

“Na the result nai I dey show una so, MaryAnn and her family if dem like make dem come out to talk against the result so that we go reach court and dem go pay me for the lie on top my head.

Before this tori come out, the radio man don talk for March 18 say hin be just 16 years wey hin girlfriend lie for he head say hin give her belle.

“As my mama hear say I give girl belle nai everytin kpafuka. I be just 16 years that time, before I reach 17 years I don be papa of two piken. Na that time the film start. My family pipo pursue me komot from house with shame for my face.”

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