Agip make una talk well or komot from Isoko land

The Isoko Agip Cluster 19 Host and Transit communities,for Delta State don give 14 days to Agip Oil Company for Nigeria to sign agreement with dem or vamus komot from Isoko land.

Dem say make Agip put gas company for Irri so that e go dey give light to the community dem, and if Agip nor hear word dem go enta other village to pursue dem.

For the letter wey the communities write to the manager of NAOC, Stake Holders Management and Community Development Division, dem say make the company show how dem take dey safe, wey oyibo call Environmental Impact Assessment for inside Irri, Idheze and Oleh.

Na the chairmo for the cluster group wey hin name na Chief Godday Igorigo, Rev Richman Idisi the seke, and other of the pipo nai dey cry for the leta say wetin the company sign with dem don expire since and the company dey lie give dem say dem wan sign anoda one wey go epp the communities dem.

Dem say na only lie lie na Agip dey give dem for 13years wey dem dey the communities naw, notin wey dem don fit do as per say dem dey for pipo land.

Instead na wahala nai dey happen as na bad air dem dey breathe cus of the gas wey the company dey burn. Ordinary small work sef, the company never fit do as the group talk for the leta.

With wetin dey happen all the community don say if dem nor go see any change for Agip, e beta make dem karey their ekwakwa komot from Isoko land.

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