Albinism Awareness day

Albino pipo dey cry to Buhari, save us from Skin Cancer

People wey get Albino for Nigeria, dem organization wey be PWA dey try tell oga Buhari say na sufanes nai dem dey for skin cancer.

The presido for Albino Association of Nigeria, Jake Epelle, nai tok so for Abuja wey dem dey do National Albinism Awareness Day yesterday.

E reach like 27 million Nigerian pipo wey get one kind problem plus skin cancer join.

“E dey very important make we dey give eye to pipo wey dey for PWA and some of dem wey dey sufa from one kind disease.”

He say abeg make govimet look the way the admin dey go about how to stop Skin Cancer especially for albino pipo.

Epelle put am for Presido Buhari bodi make hin stamp say Skin Cancer Care join the Cancer Health Fund wey dey only do breast, cervical and prostate cancer.

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