As E Dey Go, Kidnapper Fit Tiff Buhari – Buba Galadima



One foma close pesin to President Muhammadu Buhari, Buba Galadima, say with the way security wahala dey go for the kontri hin nor go surprise if kidnappers tiff Buhari the nuba one pesin for the kontri.

Galadima tok so for BBC Hausa as hin dey tok about the situation of insecurity for the kontri.

He say, “All this bandits nor dey fear Buhari administration. Wey this govimet just start, everybodi dey fear Buhari say hin go get mind but e leta show say notin dey inside am to fear, like dog wey nor get teeth.

“Buhari nor know anytin, he nor fit do anytin, nai make you dey see govimet officials dey tiff billions from public moni and no bodi fit do dem anytin.”

Galadima come still say if terrorists fit go break enta Kuje prison, as e be so even Buhari sef, nor dey safe.

“If dem nor look this insecurity mata well before you close eye open am, dem go tiff Buhari too join sef.

“The only way out naw na to kwatinue to dey pray or make all of us kukuma get gun and other tins to protect awasef cus if na for this govimet we dey put hope, every bodi go die finish.”



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