Bamise deadi bodi dey complete

The deadi bodi of Oluwabamise Ayanwole dem don see am and as police talk, dem say no part of her bodi dey miss, as tori bin dey fly say some part of her private part nor dey again.

Oluwabamise foma oga, Caroline Oni, wey she dey cry dey tell tori pipo say dem see the deadi bodi of the girl for Ebute Ero for Lagos after pesin talk for Twitter say dem see one deadi bodi like that.

She say nai she call one of Bamise broda, wey folow go the station as dem reach police come show dem the pinsure, nai she know quick say na Bamise nai dey inside.

Oni say she know the clothes wey  Bamise wear, then the police for the station say na around 9 for night naeim dem see Bamise as blood dey komot from her private part but before dem wan karey her go hospital she don already die. Her broda and family pipo don go look her bodi for mortuary.

The senior broda of Bamise, Pelumi say dem don go mortuary and no part of Bamise bodi dey miss as tori dey fly for social media say dem cut her private part.

The broda say hin first believe wetin hin dey hear for social media untill he oda broda come tell am say hin check the deadi bodi well and notin like that happen.

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