Blessing Okagbare message to who give her drug

Na for Saturday July 31, 2021, for the Olympics game wey dem play for Tokyo nai dem take suspend Blessing Okagbare cus of dope wey dem see for her blood.

Na so US Justice Department don see chat message wey Blessing do with the persin wey give her drug, Eric Lira. From wetin PUNCH get from US justice department dem web, e clear say Okagbare wey be 33 years gree say she run fast afta the tin wey Eric Lira give her.

Eric Lira wey be 41 years case don dey for court, and hin na therapist wey dey use natural drug take dey treat pipo, the one oyibo call naturopathic. He dey stay for El Paso and give drug to two runner so that the game for Tokyo go get k-leg.

Dem see the message for phone afta Okagbare enta US wey dem suspend am for the Tokyo game. And she don dey work with Lira since 2020.

Wetin dey the message na ” Eric my bodi tanda, I just run 100m on Friday and I belike breeze, the tin wey you do dey work wella,

Lira com reply Okagbare” wetin you do go epp you to shine for the game.”

Wey dem see drug for her blood nai Okagbare still send Lira say make hin call her as she nor know why dem see drug for her blood.

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