Cervical Cancer Go Soon Get Vaccine—Pfizer

One company wey dey make mericin, Pfizer, say be like na cervical cancer nai go be the first cancer sickness to get vaccine.

For statement wey the company sign to take remember World Immunisation Week, the Medical Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Pfizer, Kodjo Soroh, say as e be dem get to put bodi togeda to get vaccine for cervical cancer.

He say if dem put monie to that side to get vaccine many pipo go dey safe and nor go enta the sickness wey dey kill too many.

He come still say, wey pipo get the vaccine dem fit protect demsef and even make oda pipo nor get the disease.

Soroh say some pesin nor go fit take some kind vaccine cus of dem age weda dem too small or don don big, or maybe na age or dem dey sick, and those kind pipo nor go get disease if the pipo around dem don get vaccine to any kind sickness.


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