Church fall as service dey go on for Lagos

One Deeper Life Bible Church building fall scatter for one community, for Iragbo inside Badagry on Sunday for Lagos.

With wetin NAN tori yarn, na the heavy rain wey fall nai make the church reach ground around 9:30 for morning as the pipo dey sing and dance but no bodi kpeme sha.

One of the church members, Topohozin Tunde, say na six pipo nai wound.

“Me sef wound for my knee but thank God say no bodi die.

“Around 9:30 this morning, as service dey go on na so heavy thunder nack the the church, before we say wetin, the church don land for ground like sack of garri.

“Some fit run sharp sharp, but six of us wound.”

Tunde say dem rush dem go hospital but as hin own nor serious only hin take care of hinsef.

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