Construction Bridge Nearly Fall For Ogwashi-Uku

Pipo wey travel yesterday tire for travel around Ogwashi-Uku for Ughelli/Asaba expressway road, as bridge wey CCECC dey build for there nearly fall scatter.

The ones wey dey come from Asaba and Ughelli nor fit pass go the other side with dem motor for fear say the bridge go fall.

As pipo see wetin dey sup nai dem start to dey cross the bridge with dem load ontop okada or karey the load for head take cross why the motor just dey the other side.

Some other drivers wey see as the road be, come look for anoda road wey long pass so that dem nor go folow the bridge.

As the construction company see say the bridge fit cause big accident, nai dem close the road till furda notice. The company nai dey do one part of Ughelli-Asaba Road to make am wide.

But funny as e be that company don dey do that same spot for more than ten months and e nor dey even show any progress for the bridge.

One insider for the company say na the sand wey dem take dey cover the road nai dey wash cus of the water for that side.

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