Court Cancel Case To Say Make Adeleke No be Osun Govinor



The Fediral High Court for Abuja on Thursday don cancel the case wey Awoyemi Oluwatayo Lukman, bring to say make Ademola Adeleke the Osun State govinor elect of PDP, make dem stop am from being govinor.

Lukman karey INEC, PDP and Adeleke go court say make dem put Adeleke name for one cona as per unlawful action.

Lukman say PDP rush put Adeleke name for March 11, 2022, instead of the March 14 and 18 wey INEC give.

He say cus dem submit Adeleke name before the time wey INEC tok, make the court say e nor good and push am put for one cona.

He still say make INEC stand with dem official guidelines and anytin wey make dem do outside the Electoral Act of 2022 e nor good.

But, Daily Post say Justice Obiora Egwuatu for hin  judgment say Awoyemi Oluwatayo Lukman nor get the right stand for the case.

Justice Egwuatu still say the case nor get stand as the normal time wey Lukman suppose bring the mata up na afta 14 days but the case come afta 28days.


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