Court Scatter my Marriage, Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu

Nigeria film actor, Kalu Ikeagwu, tell High Court for Ikeja on Monday say hin wife Ijeoma leave house wey dem dey and nor gree dey allow am slip with her again afta she born dem boy piken finish.

So hin say make the six years marriage break as the wife nor dey gree am nack again.  

After many kweshun wey Mrs S.I Amedu the counsel to the case ask the actor, hin say the wife just karey her bag send am message say she don already dey road dey go her papa house for Enugu.

The actor say afta she send am the message four days later nai hin see he wife for Lagos airport dey go where hin nor even know.

Ikeagwu say all the tok wey dey fly say hin pursue he wife and children komot for house and nor dey take care of dem na lie, and he wan still ask how pesin go use four days take reach Enugu.

He come still tell the court say he wife nor dey gree alow am enta the oda room and even pour water for hin bodi one time wey hin dey slip.

Las, Ikeagwu come tell the court say he nor know say hin wife get belle wey komot cus of infection wey she get wey dem still dey stay togeda.

He say abeg make the marriage scatter and make court give am the children hold.

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