Disney say half of dem cartoon pipo before 2022 finish go be Homo

One insider for Disney Channel say before the year go end half of the karata wey dey for dem cartoon go be either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questions, pipo wey dem way nor pure. The be short term for LGBTQ

For one staff meeting wey dem do about Parents Right to Education bill for Florida nai one executive for Disney take tok say dem wan put LGBTQ for dem cartoon wey small piken dey watch and nor be hiding mata.

Latoya Raveneau the executive producer for Disney telly inside one video wey one obodo oyibo tori pesin, Christopher Rufo get, say instead of dem to reject the LGBTQ for the meeting dem quite mouth accept am.

She say wey she join Disney, she feel say dem go komot LGBTQ from small piken dem cartoon but she shock wey dem don put am join.

No be only that, as Chief Vivian Ware say dem nor go dey call children wey come visit Disney park girls and boys or ladies and gentlemen again but dem go start to call dem ‘dreamers of all ages’

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