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DRC: At least 40 piple don die for rebel attack


Militant wen dem suspect to be Allied Democratic Forces’ don kill over 40 people for eastern DR Congo for two attack according to wetin local officials talk on Thursday.

The ADF na one of the baddest militia for eastern congo wen dem say don kill many civilians.

Officials talk say fighters from the group attack two village wen near each other, Mukondi and Mausa for the Beni territory wen dey inside North Kivu province.

Wen Kalunga Meso,the local administrator dey talk,he say “Na complete destruction”.

He tell news piple say 38 piple nai dem don kill for Mukondi and 8 piple for Mausa.

Mumbere Arsene wen be civil society figure talk say 37 people don die for Mukondi and 8 for Mausa.

He con still say “Na knive dem take kill all the people”

ADF na one of the deadly group wen dem say don do some bomb attack and kill civilians plenty .

Congo and Uganda get joint military operation wen dey after the militia for the region since late 2021 but the attacks never still stop.



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