Easter dey come, make una stop this fight, Pope Francis tell Russia

On Sunday Pope Francis say make Russia stop to dey fight Ukraine, and make way for real tok wey go stop this war start kill and go.

Na for the public mass wey dem do for Saint Peter Square nai Pope take yarn so

“Make Easter for start well. But nor be to dey karey gun and pipo dey go fight again. make beta tok dey with the kontri so that peace go dey.

Pope say e nor good as pipo wey nor know anytin dey kpeme upandan for dem knotri cus of this war.

“Wetin be the use of victory if na ontop of deadi bodi and building wey don scatter nai dem plant flag put? Make all this killing killing stop abeg.”

On wednesday nai Pope Francis tok say the way Russia dey kill pipo for Ukraine nor good even the one wey dem see many deadi bodi for Bucha near Kyiv that one nor be good sign.

He say as im bodi dey do am now he ready to epp so that the fight for Ukraine go stop and wan even travel go Kyiv.

Russia for dem own side say nor be dem nai kill the many pipo for Bucha, say na Ukraine nai do am. But Moscow neva bring any tin to show say nor be dem kill the kontri men.

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