Emede Kingdom don get new Odio-Ologbo

Chief Paul Eriri, foma worker with United Nations don sitdon wear cap as the 15th Odio-Ologbo for Isoko south, Emede Kingdom afta Orhjoba-Edio of Emede, Chief Calaber give am the cap.

Wey Eriri dey folow tori pipo talk, hin say he work nor go stop the Ovie of the kingdom own. The new Odio-Ologbo work na to dey chair meeting of Edio and oda tins for the council then to make sure say peace and beta dey the kingdom.

He come say na name ‘Oletu’ wey mean leader wey hin papa give am dey work so. The before UN man say all the tins wey hin don learn he go bring am come him work as the Odio-Ologbo.

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