EU Don Gree To Hear My Case  YPP’s Govinor Candidate For Delta



On Tuesday March 28, European Union go hear the complain wey the YPP govinorship candidate wey dem born for Netherlands, Sunny Ofehe bring say dem do wayo for Delta State election.

For statement wey Ofehe bring on Monday, say EU don gree to hear the complain wey he bring against PDP and APC join with some INEC officials.

Ofehe don bin tok for press conference inside Abuja say na selection dem do and nor be election for Delta State, cus the way dem take tiff ballot box paper and even give monie just too much.

“Everybodi see wetin happen for the state election. Monie nai dem take dey buy vote, pay to change results, and where pipo stand say dem nor go gree, dem push dem go back.

“To make sure say dem hear awa voice for outside Nigeria, I do national press conference for Abuja say I go karey the case go meet European Union for Brussels.

“I dey happy to tell you say EU don gree to accept my complain for Brussels, Belgium, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th, 2023.” Na wetin the statement tok.

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