FBI Dey Find One Man Wey Tiff New York Govt $30 million



U.S Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero say dem dey find one 29 years Chidozie Collins Obasi, wey use yahoo yahoo take tiff moni from the kontri.

The case wey dey him head na Six counts ontop mail yahoo, and 16 counts for the moni wey hin wire as hin send many mail go give Americans say hin dey do koret “work from home” jobs, and the time wey COVID-19 dey hin come shift to U.S. hospitals and medical systems say hin get ventilators to sale for March 2020.

For June 2020 nai hin start to tiff the information and face of American citizens take dey apply and colet Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EID Loans).

The case say na Obas dey do the yahoo from Nigeria with some other pipo for Canada and some other place.

The yahoo guy and the others tiff more than $31,000,000 while $30m from the moni na from New York State, wey hin tell dem say he wan epp dem buy ventilators.

The case say na from September 2018 nai he take start this tiff with the spam mail wey hin send say pipo for work from home.

As e be naw United States dey find Obasi and wey dem catch am 21 years for prison plus five years wey dey go watch am before dem free am and e go pay $5,750,000 fine.

Obasi go still pay the $31m wey hin use wire wire take tiff.



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