Female Rep don arrest Omo-Agege aide


Lawmaker wey dey rep Oluyole Federal Constituency, Tolulope Akande-Shadipe, on Thursday, say make dem sharply arrest the senior special assistant ontop media to Ovie Omo-Agege, Mr Jide Babalola, say him use bodi take rub her.

Na so police crime unit for National Assembly hold Babalola for two hours, but dem say wetin Akande-Shadipe talk nor be true, na oshumafeifei just dey do her.

Akande-Shadipe, na APC and chairmo for pipo wey dey stay for outside Nigeria, she say Babalola just use bodi nack her for elevator.

Na lawmaker wey dey rep Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, Teejay Yusuf wey be PDP pesin from kogi nai go release the media aide, but e nor talk about the mata wey news pipo go meet am.

Babalola sha don talk with side of the tori to news pipo for telephone, he say the mata na small tin.

Hin talk, “As I dey from elevator, e reach like 6 or 7 pipo wey dey inside, naso we shuk bodi put. Since say I don get coronavirus before for last year, I come dey small make I no go near pesin. And like two women join for the elevator.

“Before I know wetin dey happen,  Akande-Shadipe say I almost use bodi press her, na so she say I use bodi press her, but I tell her say I nor use bodi press her.

“That time sef, me no even know say she be honorable. so I just call her Madam, belike the Madam come even make tins worse.

“As I dey try explain for her say I be 55 years old man, wey don dey do journalist work for 31 years, so I nor go just dey go wound woman, na so she start to shout weda I know who she be? I be honorable Akande-Shadipe.

“As we dey argue, we come jam some lawmakers wey dey waka with one minister, dem be like five abei four. Na so she start to dey shout as she see them, nai one of dem call me ask wetin happen, anoda one say even if I dey right, make I tell her sorry, I come tell her sorry.”

Balalola say afta he don tell Akande-Shadipe sorry and her members don go, she still kwatinue to folow am.

“For the outside where security pipo dey sitdon, naso she call one make hin arrest me, untill she finish.

“Me I nor know say na crime to use bodi touch pesin, And na public elevator the tin take happen nor be even lawmaker dem own,”

Akande-Shadipe for her own side, tell news pipo say Babalola abuse her.

“This na just say I be woman abei. he enta the elevator, nai I say abeg nor come back, as I dey talk with anoda NASS woman,  na so he turn dey use man voice wan shut up me.”

But she deny say she nor tell security pipo to arrest Babalola, but na only dem put mouth for the mata.

“Even DSP nor go like wetin hin do. I done komot from NASS since, before I come dey see him blackmail for social media.” na so Akande-Shadipe talk.


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