My name na Flourish Omoregie aka madam flo flo, normally I nor dey like do pass myself. I just dey go with the flow, I just believe say anything wey wan  sup go sup and e nor get Wetin person go fit do

I like anything music and comedy,and I just think say for life make you dey do anything wey go make yourself happy,because life short and e nor get part 2

Make you still try help yourself ,because na only you come this life,nobody go help you if you nor help yourself

Hang out with me on Saturday and Sunday Night for Night Parole from 8pm to 12am. We go run segments like Wetin Sup Segment, Tatafo Corner, Lovintus Corner, Yarn With Me Segment, How Your Week Waka, Check And Balance Segment, Reality Mata and Appreciate Corner Sgement.