Four NewBabies Die For Sapele Hospital Cus Dokitor Don Drink



The families of four newborn babies wey die afta dem born dem finish for Sapele Central Hospital, don put case for dokitor head say nai hin cause am.

The different family pipo say dem newborn babies die cus the dokitor wey dey duty don soak hin sef for drink and light nor come still dey the hospital.

As the tin dey provoke the family pipo, naso the patients, dem relatives and visitors karey protest go meet the management for the hospital.

One relative to one of the women wey dem piken die, Benjamin Ikeji, say all  the women wey born that night all of dem piken die.

“Wey we bring my sister come hospital, nai dokitor tell use say time neva reach for her to born, me and her husband come dey till 10 for night.

“Na for midnight nai my sister say the baby hook and the nurses nor fit do anytin as dokitor nor dey around.

“For morning wey I meet the dokitor, he say e nor get wetin he fit do as light nor dey. I go buy fuel that night come before I comot but the next tin I hear be say my sister piken don die.”

While anoda man,  Newton Oroba, as hin dey tok about hin newborn baby wey die, he say the wife nor normal since everytin happen.

“The dokitor wey dey duty don drink. We reach hospital around 9 for night i come comot. Only to come back for morning, my wife say the piken wey she born die.”

Some of the patients and relatives as dem see the dokitor, rush go meet am to ask am why hin nor dey for duty wey hin suppose dey around.

All means to tok to the management for the hospital nor fit work as dem nor gree tok about the mata.

Wey tori pesin dey call the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mordi Ononye, he nor ansa call or text wey dem send am before this tori dey drop.


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