FRSC Commander Wants Make Dem Put Sharia Law For Road Users

The Sector Commander of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) for Bauchi State, Yusuf Abdullahi, dey best drum make the kontri start to use Sharia Law take punish pipo wey go against traffic.

For interview wey hin do with NAN on Thursday for Bauchi na there he take tok so.Hin say the law wey dey to punish pipo wey cause accident no strong reach, nai make am say make dem put the Sharia Law for traffic rules.

Abdullahi say e go make motor pipo head koret and no bodi go dey drive anyhow for road again.

“Make we put Sharia Law for the accident wey dey for road, and you go see say awa pipo go wake up. Awa pipo dey do anyhow, even pipo wey get motor dey behave anyhow, nor dey get time to check dem motor.

“If we no bring Sharia Law, many pipo especially for this side, dem nor go start to think well.

“Wey Sharia Law enta, e go stop all this accident as most of the pipo wey dey use the road no get beta character cus of monie wey dem dey find.

“If dem bring the law, by the time you get accident and dem do investigation, the pesin and hin family head go enta the accident mata.

“If the driver die, if dem say he really cause the accident, dem go still hold the owner of the motor cus that one na to show say he nor do he own part.

“The law wey wey get dey work, but the way e dey work dey important too cus for kontris wey dem dey use Sharia Law, family and friends dey tell dem pesin wetin to do and wetin nor to do,” this one na the tins wey the commander tok.

Hin say cus Sharia Law nor dey leave only you but e go drag your family members join wetin you do.

He come still say the normal law wey dey, nor.deh tok about attitude or how pesin go do till the end but instead na only how e take happen e dey look but the Sharia Law dey look wella inside to the end.

He say, “Nai make I say Sharia law be the best. If you see kontri wey dey do Sharia law, na everybodi business cus your family and friends know wetin dey inside.”



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