FUTO make una release awa piken result- Emede community

Some pipo for Emede community wey dey inside Isoko South for Delta State, say dem nor gree again on Tuesday as Fediral University of Tekinology, Owerri for Imo State, nor wan make one Mr Philip Otobha finish skool since 2014.

The pipo march go the king palace and come dey beg oga Presido make hin put mouth for the mata so that FUTO fit give Otobha hin result.

Wey the Chairman of the Council of Chiefs, Solomon Agbada, dey epp the king, HRM Johnson Egbo, tok with the youth, hin still beg FG to save Otobha from all this plenti wahala.

Hin say “nor be hard tin. Anytin show say Philip Otobha go the skool? If na true, then the oda kweshun na, he write the exam? If na true then bring the ansa paper like Senate committee tok.”

Presido general for the community, Mr Eric Arerute, say abeg make FG and senate do justice for the mata.

Wey Otobha come dey tok hin own side, hin wey be dey for Project Management Technology Department with Matric nuba 20091700346, he say hin lecturers fail am for some exam wey hin write.

“As I dey tok to una, I nor get any tin, tins tight like old mama wrapper.

“The clerk for committee tell me say senate don tell FUTO to bring my script come. I thank God say dem dey resin my mata and my lawyer go write to remind dem again.

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