Gov Wike Blast Atiku Cus Of Arise TV Interview Tok



The govinor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike Dom tear ground for wetin happen afta the primary for PDP.

Na for the International Airport for Port Harcourt on Friday nai Wike take tok to journalists afta hin just come back from travel.

“I nor gree tok anytin cus PDP na party wey I love.”

“I don finish the contract wey I get with Rivers pipo, But time don reach for Nigeria pipo to know tye truth.”

Govinor Wike get small problem with the way Atiku Abubakar tok when hin dey dey bring Govinor Ifeanyi Okowa as hin nuba two man.

He say Atiku dey lie for hin head, and dey use pipo from APC take dey spread lie lie about am and he go soon ansa dem one by one.

He say children wey dem neva born no go forgive am if he nor do the right tin and tok wetin dey sup, he say afta hin don commission the project wey hin do as govinor of the state he go tok hin mind.

For the reconciliation committee wey PDP set, Govinor Wike say Atiku Abubakar neva send any bodi come meet am.



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