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Govinorship Candidate For Rivers State Komot Case From Court Against Fubara

Di case wey Govinorship candidate of Accord Party for Rivers 2023 election, Dumo Lulu-Briggs karey go Supreme Court against INEC, PDP and Govinor Siminalayi Fubara, hin don take am back.

Lulu-Briggs say di resin wey make am take di case komot from court na cus of di too much problem wey don dey for di state and na e own way to reduce di problem nai e don do so.

Na for inside he 2024 message wey he send give Rivers pipo nai e dey inside.

For di message wey Lulu-Briggs sign tru hin Special Assistant ontop Media, Nia’bari Fakae, he say 2023 na one year wey Rivers pipo see shege banza.

He na cus of d tins wey nor dey go well come be like say pipo wan run kolocisis nai make am say e go enta to epp di situation from own side so that tension go drop.

He say he like as di Rivers pipo stand strong and nor even shake with all di many problem wey dey happen upandan.

Naso di Accord Party man dey tell all di sides wey still dey fight and bad mouth each other to come togeda, hide dem sword and use peace take sew dress for 2024.



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