How you see am?

Ogun State police don arrest mama and papa wen carry area boys go Toyon High school for Ogun State, say why dem go drive their pikins go house to go barb him hair. The area boys woundjure three teachers and even scatter one motor for the school compound.

Dis one happen some weeks after the mandatory undertaking forms wen parents sign, so dat things like dis nor go happen again.

As you go remember say, for the last quarter of last year (2021), more than 4 teachers naim student collabo with area boys to beat up for dis same school.

As e take happen, the teacher collect the boy bag, and tell am to go change the kain hairstyle wen he barb, only for the boy to go lie give him parents say dem flog am, wen make dem follow am to the school with area boys to beat up the teachers. The area boys re-show for the staff quarters dey claim say the teachers thief their phone, naim make the school call police for the mata, and currently police don arrest the mama and papa, but the area boys dey on the run.

– How you see mama and papa wen dey go fight teacher wen discipline their pikins for school?

– Aside mandatory undertaking wen parents go sign, which other measures the school fit put in place to avoid dis kain thing?

– If your pikin tell you as a mama and papa, say teacher flog am for school, wetin be the best way to take handle am?

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