I komot my gbola cus I nor wan dey sleep with women – Former UI medicine student

I nor want say cus I neva marry make I go dey slip with women anyhow, na this kind tin make 44 years Terhemen Anongo komot hin gbola.

For 2021 Anongo komot from Uni-Ibadan where hin take dey read mericine, for 500 level to go be wheel barrow pusher, that time sef hin friends come dey hail am. E don clear naw say the man don komot hin second gbola.

The resin why hin talk say e komot the gbola na cus he nor wan make bodi dey do am one kind to go touchi bodi with anoda woman wey hin neva marry wife, so as Origen Admantius do in those days for Egypt for early church nai make am folow the same way take cut hin gbola, naso Sunday Anongo talk with him mouth.

He say na as hin dey remove the right gbola nai the blood too much, e come run go hospital. But wey him dey remove the second gbola the blood nor too much cus hin don learn from the first one.

Anongo say na on Monday nai he komot the second gbola, and pesin dey epp am dress the wound plus say he dey wait make the wound go so that hin go komot rope wey e use take sew am.

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