I Nor Dey Beat Woman- Chacha Eke Husband



The husband of Nollywood actress Austin Faani, don tok hin own say he nor dey beat hin wife Chacha Eke.

Yesterday nai Chacha tok for her Instagram page say she nor dey marry her husband Austin again as she nor wan die.

Cus of wetin she write many pipo come believe say the husband dey beat the wife for house.

On Tuesday, the husband Faani, enta Instagram still tok say na lie him nor dey beat hin wife.

For wetin hin write for Instagram, he say he nor dey beat any woman nor to tok of hin wife. Say pipo wey dey around know say hin nor be pepper bodi pesin and las las the truth go come out.

This na the second time wey Chacha dey come outside to tok say she nor wan marry her husband Austin again afta the display for 2020, wey she say she get Bipolar disorder.



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