I Nor Like This Yoruba For Yoruba Job Protest Wey Dey Trend – Seyi Law

Oluwaseyitan Aletile aka Seyi Law wey dey make pipo laugh, dey vex about the Yoruba for Yoruba job protest wey dey happen for southwest states.

The tin start from wey one graduate from Anambra State, Tonia Somaga and she na supporter of Labour Party and she dey drive one of the blue rails for Lagos, nai pipo come dey shout say make Lagos govimet sack her cus she campaign for Peter Obi.

On Thursday as Seyi Law come dey tok for Twitter, he say the lady wey be driver for the rain na just to preach peace and show say APC dey different.

He come put one man picture wey karey poster wey dem write ‘Yoruba Jobs for Yoruba People’ Seyi Law say the trend nor just make sense at all and he nor support president elect to come dey see all this kind nonsense.

“Na craze be this. I nor support ASIWAJU to come see this kind tin. You dey tok now say even companies wey nor be Yoruba make dem waka too?If you look am anyway e nor gud, so make we stop to dey promote rubbish cus of vex

“The train girl na opportunity to preach peace and show say wey different. I nor dey look down on your anger, but we must learn to dey resin peace. You fit respect your tribe without say you bring anoda one down. Abeg make we look wetin we dey tok.

‘All this way just dey give bad name to good ideas. We must do wetin good to get more. Abeg I know say we fit do pass like this. Tins dey trend for way I know like and e nor follow for the gud wey I believe ASIWAJU wan bring. Thank you.”

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