I see black tin for Sylvester Oromoni intestine-Dokitor

On top the case wey dey about Sylvester Oromoni, on Tuesday nai Dr Soyemi wey be pathologist with Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for Ikeja, say dem see black sometin inside Sly belle as Lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) dey ask am kweshun.

Wey dem dey ask Soyemi, he say the first look wey dem do for the boy deadi bodi, dem nor do am well as some part inside the bodi like the throat and where e take dey breathe, wey the first pathologist suppose cut to know weda any poison tin dey inside, dem nor do am.

Though say the deadi bodi get small infection wey antibiotics, injection and blood to put for hin bodi for fit treat.

Soyemi, come still say dokitor wey sabi look inside pesin bodi wey engris call radiologist, say no bone break for Sylvester bodi and before hin start the second test to check the deadi bodi, the dokitor wey do the first test dey there with am.

Wey Falana come dey ask Soyemi kweshun, hin come say e nor know wetin the black tin wey dey inside Sly belle be, as LASUTH nor get lab wey hin go use take test wetin the black tin be. As the black tin wey dey inside the intestine fit be anytin.

Soyemi, las las say na cold disease, infection for the lung, liver, right ankle nai kill the boy, wey be Septicaemia. Cus if dem beat the piken, e for show for the open part of hin bodi.

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