I tanda gidba with Nani for Senator seat- Alex Saniyo

As 2023 election go soon reach every bodi dey talk the pesin wey dem like to hold position for the kontri and that one still folow for Idjerhe pipo from Boboroku subclan, Ethiope West LGA, as Alex Saniyo, dey talk hin own why pipo for Delta Central suppose support DESOPADEC oga for Finance and Admin, John Nani make hin be senator.

Saniyo, join one Agwemutuvwevhe wey dem own na to support Nani cus the before Delta House of Assembly pesin get mind for Delta Central pipo.

He say the resin why hin want make Nani come out na cus say any office wey dem give  the foma Comissioner e dey do am beta pass other pipo.

“See wetin hin dey do naw as oga of DESOPADEC, he dey do road, make skool fine and oda tins wey govinor dey epp am with.

“No forget say wey hin na Comissioner for Environment for the state na so he dey dig gutter dey epp pipo.

“We get many pipo wey dey with Nani for the whole state and outside the state, nai make I come outside to put ginger for dem bodi as senatorial district nid pesin wey go fit give  work to to pipo.

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