I wan buy Twitter for $41b- Elon Musk

Elon Musk wey get moni wella say he wan buy Twitter for $41 billion cash, cus Twitter nid to be private and do some kind different tin.

With wetin REUTERS tok,  Musk nor gree join Twitter board wey dem do this week afta he tok hin mind for the company, then pipo wey sabi say na way for am to take kolet the company.

For leta wey Musk write go give the chairman of Twitter, Bret Taylor, he say,  “Since I put moni I get to know say the company nor go fit give society wetin dem want. Twitter nid to change as na private company.

“Na wetin I want be this and if una nor gree I go komot all the moni wey I don put for the company.”

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