Jihadist kill 13 sodjas for Burkina Faso

Na 13 sodjas nai don kpeme for the fight wey happen for Burkina Faso as Jihadist go hide for bush for east of Burkina on Monday come attack the sodjas.

This one nai be the 6 time for two weeks wey the kontri dey get attack.

On Sunday nai security pipo say na 12 pesin nai die for Natiaboani wey dey for east side of Burkina.

The army dem say as dem dey fight 13 sodjas nai fall reach ground while 8 injure, but dem kill many of the Jihadist wey dem hand dey for Al Qaeda and cross from Mali enta.

Natiaboani wey dey near Fada N’Gourma, the big town for the East Region wey bad pipo dey fight since 2018.

Since military take over Burkina Faso for January everywhere dey calm until the gbege wey happen  on Sunday.

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