Keke rider for Udu road don block road say dem nor go gree again

Pipo wey dey ride keke for Udu road, Jibagle Market and Orhuworun road don block the road as dem say dem nor go gree cus of the many moni wey govimet say make dem pay to buy apron and sticker.

Wey some of the Keke pipo dey folow KPOKO FM tori pesin dey talk one of dem wey hin name na Francis Erekiefe say ” The wahala wey we dey get for this Udu don too much as the council pipo dey give us apron to buy plus the many ticket wey we dey buy and nor dey see for eye, still we go still do balancing for that day.”

Another man wey say he name na Joseph Ekeh talk say “Dem nor even get road to park and any where dem enta na so council pipo go just come collect dem plate nuba. Plus wey dem even pay for the sticker dem nor dey see am for the whole year.

The keke pipo wey dey vex use different tins take block Jigbale Market, Orhuworun road sotay pipo nor fit pass the road.

The time wey this tori dey come out so the road still block and nor pesin for the council or the LG Chairmo don put mouth for the mata.

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