Komot military hand from Anambra, Free 5,000 IPOB piple-Igbo Senior men tell FG


Senior men for Igbo Elders Consultative Forum on Tuesday nai dey tell Fediral Govimet say, if dem want make the November 6 govinor election go well, make dem talk with South East pipo.

The forum still say e go beta make dem released the 5,000 Igbo young men wey security pipo arrest, say dem na IPOB pipo wey be their security, if dem release e go make peace dey south east.

Na the before before govinor of Anambra State, wey be still Chairmo of IECF, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, nai talk so for Abuja.

“The way military yakata for South East, and as pipo mind dey up for the zone, e go make the election on November 6, be one kind o.

“With the way tins dey now for South East, dem beta do sometin fast so that INEC fit do free and fair election for the State.”

“Nai make we dey call Fediral Govimet to sharply look inside this mata.

“Fediral Govimet, release the 5,000 Igbo youth wey una put for different prison, all in the name of say dem be IPOB, unknown gun men, ESN and the rest.

“Wetin we sabi say, na where peace dey get free and fair election for this life.”

The before before govinor come still say make Igbo pipo get up to make sure say, peace come back to Igbo land.


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