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Labour Go Decide New Minimum Wage Today

Di public hearing wey Nigeria Labour Congress go sist down tok di wage forward for di new minimum wage for di kontri, go hapun today Thursday.

Na for di six geo-political zones nai di hearing do start di same time with di 37 member committee wey govimet don already set.

Na State govimet, Ministers, Organized Labour, Civil Society groups join with both private sectors nai go decide on di new minimum wage base on di ecomomic situation wey don dey press everybodi.

Labour don dey tik say dem go put do wage for N500,000 as N30,000 if dem calculate for one year e nor nor reach anytin.

President of NLC Joe Ajearo don bin put mouth for N1 milla nai go be di average moni wey workers go dey get as salary.

Na for Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Enugu, Akwa-Ibom and Adamawa nai di meeting go take hapun.

One insider say with di different proposals wey various chapters don bring to di headkwata e just show say wetin NLC go agree nor go low pass N500k.


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