Lai Mohammed say Nigeria dey beta everyday

Govimet for Nigeria say the kontri dey beta every day as dem dey get pawa to pursue Boko Haram, ISWAP, bandits and the oda bad pipo wey dey disturb the kontri.

This one na wetin Lai Mohammed, the Minster of Culture tok to tori pipo on Monday for inside Abuja.

Hin say belle dey sweet am as security pipo nor dey even fear but dey match folow go fight the bad pipo dem.

“Even their camp wey dem dey hide, many of dem dey come out to come say dem nor do again.

“Buhari don try wella for where security pipo dey, nai make dem dey karey full chest come out to fight.”

Mohammed come still tok say na as FG dey show new style for security pipo to take fight terrorist nai make dem dey even do well.

Hin say na cus of the new style of way wey dem dey use nai make the security pipo dey always ready to fight and e don even still epp for how dem dey perform.

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