Lawyer Don Show Court With Hin Juju Clothe



No be small drama nai happen for Abuja court, on Thursday as one Lagos lawyer, Malcom Omorihobo wear hin juju dress come court.

The lawyer say the resin why hin wear he Olokun juju clothe come court na cus supreme court don already say any bodi for the kontri dey free to show wetin dem dey serve and even wear hijab go skool.

If you don forget, na on Friday nai supreme court give stamp say make female Muslim students dey wear hijab dey go skool for Lagos.



As Malcom show for the court, all the other lawyers wey don sitdon before shock enta their spinal cord, to see the lawyer dress like babalawo.

The lawyer sef nor wear shoe come, he put feather for hin wing, with small calabash wey cowries dey nai be hin necklace, and the red wrapper wey hin hin tie for waist.

Hin say any police or security wey try touch am go hear word as supreme court don already give judgement make pipo feel free with dem religion.

Malcom say hin na strong pesin wey dey serve Olokun the god of river so from today go na wetin him go dey wear come court be this, as wetin hin tell tori pipo.




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