Lepers For Delta State Say Make Dem Increase Dem Alawee


The lepers wey dey for Delta State under the platform of Persons Afflicted with Leprosy, PAL, yesterday do small protest say make dem increase their monthly alawee from 8k to N25,000.

The foma lepers dem use two bus take bust enta State Govimet House gate and karey paper for dem hand wey dem write how bodi dey do dem.

Mr Eruekaye Russia nai epp the pipo tok, him say dem come rep their other pipo wey dey for tuberculosis and leprosy hospital/settlement for Eku, inside Ethiope East.

Eruekaye say the N8,000 wey dem dey pay dem nor dey reach do anytin again, as na for foma govinor James Ibori time nai dem take start to pay dem the 8k.

But afta Ibori comot, Uduaghan govimet come dey pay dem N3,900, na govinor Ifeanyi Okowa wey come nai increase the moni back to N8,000, but cus of the way tins be naw the 8k don too small and plenty of dem nor dey work.

He say na real suffaness nai dem dey so dem dey beg the state to epp dem.

Na state Commissioner for Women Affairs and Community Development, Mrs Flora Alanta, nai follow dem tok and he say make dem nor worry say govimet don dey already look dem mata, and dem even try wey dem nor use jaguda take come do the protest.



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