LGA oga don put security for Ugbuwangue

Security pipo don land for Ugbuwangue community inside Warri South LGA where gbege take happen on Monday between Hausa pipo wey dey sell and Ugbuwangue pipo.

Remember say KPOKPO FM bin tell you say the gbege na cus of one small mata, but as e be so Dr Michael Tidi the chairman of Warri South LGA, don tell security pipo make dem arrest any bodi wey dey do any kurukere waka for the community.

Afta dem do meeting finish with security pipo, pipo for Ugbuwangue, and the Hausa pipo wey dey sell there on Wednesday, The LGA chairmo come dey tell tori pesin say any bodi wey nor behave hinsef, go hear am for the area. Cus some bad pipo wan jus give the the community bad name.

The chairmo come still say make youth for Ugbuwangue nor dey talk wetin dem eye nor see for social media.

For the pipo wey dey do pure business make dem kwatinue for wetin dem dey do, but the ones wey know say na bad business dem sabi, make dem just run komot from the community cus nor time for nonsense.

Afta the meeting sha, pipo wey rep Hausa sellers and Ugbuwangue community gree to make peace dey the community.

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