Lunar Eclipse dey come on Monday, Nigeria ready – Don

Prof Augustine Ubachukwu, Astronomy Research Group Lead, for  University of Nigeria Nsukka for Enugu State, say Nigeria and some African kontri go see Lunar eclipse of the year for May 16.

As Ubachukwu, dey folow News Agency of Nigeria dey tok for interview on Wednesday nai hin say the second eclipse go happen for November 8 afta the first one don finish.

He com dey explain why e be like that “For the three tins wey dey heaven, e go be lunar or solar eclipse go sure happen. Full lunar eclipse dey happen wey full Moon go pass earth front for space wey be blood moon becus of the red wey dey show.”

“This tin go happen for early time of May 16, 2022, and go show for many place for Africa plus Nigeria join.”

Hin say Moon wey over big go enta the middle of earth and e go reach like 80 minutes before e go komot.

“For Nigeria, the eclipse go start around 2.30 for early morning till like 5.11am for morning before e go come end for 6.30 for morning, all the time wey the eclipse go happen na like four hours.”

Don say the color wey go show for light that time for the moon na only red.

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