Make una beta come do awa road or

We nor wan hear say any political party pipo come do any election campaign for Owhrode, Ovwodokpokpo and Erhiephiyor communities wey dey for Udu LGA, na wetin the community women dem talk as per say no beta road dey for the place.

As the women dey waka dey do dem nor go gree cus of the five yeye road wey motor nor fit dey pass to dem community and dey dabaru tins for dem.

Dem say their food for farm dey spoil as pipo nor dey fit dey pass the road come buy and dem too nor dey fit karey food go sell for market.

The road wey dey link the community to  Udu and Ughelli na Owhrode-Orhuwhorun, Owhrode-Usieffurun, Owhrode-Edjophe, Owhrode-Otor-Udu and Ovwodokpokpo-Otor-Udu and na kpafuka state nai e dey.

Naso dem beg Govor Ifeanyi Okowa and  NDDC say if the road good go slow nor go dey for Ubogo Market again.

The women come karey match go Udu local govimet seke for Otor-Udu where dem take drop leta to the chairmo Chief Kite Brown, wey say hin go karey dem mata reach govimet hand.

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