Man Beats Hin Wife Faint Cus Of TV Remote

One Moses Olapade wey dey know how to fight boxing don use punch take land hin wife, Tinuke Olapade, for coma cus she nor gree give am tellevision remote.

Na for dem house for for nuba 9, Odama street for Oke-Aro area inside Akure Ondo State nai the man take turn the wife to punching bag.

Pipo say, Olopade na driver wey dey ply north road, so as hin come back from work come ask the wife to give am remote cus of program wey hin get to watch.

He say make the 44 years wife give am the remote but this woman more gree. Cus of say the wife not gree give Olopade the remote, out of anger nai the husband beat the wife faint.

The source say na with the epp of neighbors nai dem fit the woman as the children cry come say dem mama don lego for ground, naso dem rush the woman go hospital.

Na the neighbors wey come rush the woman go hospital nai seize the man untill police come to arrest.

Wey police come dey ask am why hin beat the wife faint, hin say the woman too stubborn.



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