Man Use $170K Take Do Surgery To Take Tall Cus Of Woman


One man for Minnesota, Moses Gibson don go use  $170,000 take do surgery for hin two leg to epp am grow reach 5 inches tall so that e go get confidence for woman side.

Gibson say hin height don dey make am since nor get girlfriend.

Before he go do the leg surgery to make am tall, hin bin tall reach 5 feet and 5 inches and even take mericin wey dem say go epp am tall but e nor work.

The man wey be 41 years even go meet spiritual healer wey tell am say hin go tall if only he see am for hin mind say he tall.

Naso Gibson come dey do research till wey he come know say he fit increase him height with surgery.

To get the monie for the surgery, Gibson come dey work for day time as software engineer then for night as Uber driver, na that one come epp am save more than $75,000 for three years.

He do the first surgery for 2016 wey add three inches to hin height, he come be 5ft and 8 inches.

He tok say, “Afta the first surgery, I dey happy for some time, but e don always dey my mind say I go do second one to complete am. My eye dey for big tins. I get monie and I fit finish wetin I start.”

Nai Gibson save $98,000 to do the second surgery for March this year and still dey wan add anoda two inches to he height.

Gibson say the surgery don make am get girlfriend but still dey believe say the height long device wey inside him bodi go make am dey grow small small and hin go reach at least 5 feet and 11 inches.

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