Na $1,000 nai Nigeria go pay to fit enta Ukraine

Like 400 Nigeria pipo wey say dem wan go epp Ukraine fight the war for dem kontri, no happy as Ukraine Embassy say make dem pay $1,000 first.

As PM News talk am, on Thursday nai plenty Nigeria pipo pack go Ukraine Embassy say dem ready to block chest for the kontri but as dem reach tori come change, as the Embassy say any pesin wey wan go epp Ukraine fight go pay $1,000 for ticket and visa.

One Monday Adikwu wey Army pursue cus of say hin komot from where dem post am go, come go visit he wife wey get belle say, Hin wan go epp fight cus he folow fight for Liberia, Sierra Leon and na even Ukraine sodjas nai train am wey hin dey UN for Kosovo. He say he fit drive and shoot APC wella.

Monday say na wey hin hear say pipo dey go fight for Ukraine nai him and oda sodjas wey dem pursue too folow.

He say hin folow cus as na famer hin be plus he nor get moni, so as hin hear moni nai make am jump enta the fight mata. The sodjas dem say dem nor dey fear Russian as na so David take kill Goliath.

But Bohdan Solyts, the Ambassador to Ukraine for Nigeria say, the tin go hard for Nigeria to travel go Ukraine without visa naw cus of the war, cus dem get to reach Romania and Poland and as e be sef dem nor fit use land.

The Ukraine Ambassador say na who go fight free of charge nai the kontri dey find so make Nigeria pipo komot mind from moni side.

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