Na God know who go be govinor for the state 2023– Okowa

Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa, Governor, Delta State [Image Source:Twitter@DSgovernment]

Govinor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa say na anybodi wey God want to be the next govinor for the state nai go be for 2023.

He say hin nor wan put hinsef for front but make God do am say Delta pipo get beta pesin wey go rule for 2023.

Na wey Okowa go Chief Oritsetimeyin Adams 70years birthday on Sunday for St. Luke Anglican Church naiem take tok so.

“I greet the church and the leaders as una dey always pray for the state.

“So, pray say any pesin wey God want make hin be next govinor for the state, make e happen like that.

“May God mind happen for the state and Nigerian.”

The govinor come still greet the  celebrant as hin fit reach this age. He come tell Adams make hin focus to serve God and human being.

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