NECA-DG, Dr Timothy Olawale Don Die

Dr Timothy Olawale, NECA DG

Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) don talk say dem oga, Dr Timothy Olawale don die.

NECA Secretariat nai write from Lagos on Saturday say Olawale die on Friday, October 1 for one hospital for Abuja. Dem talk say he just fall for ground, before dem carry am reach hospital, the man don delete.

Na one wife, pikens and other family members hin don die leave so. And we dey pray say make the family take am easy, according to NECA Secretariat.

Before Dr Olawale die, him be the oga kpatakpata of NECA since January 2019, after he act as oga for six months.

After Segun Oshinowo retire for December 2018 nai Dr Timothy take over before he die so.


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