Nigeria Get The Power Send Dokitors To Obodo Oyibo – Okowa

Nigeria gey the power to allow any pesin wey dey medical line travel go any part of the kontri if we do am well.

This na wetin Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa tok for the opening of the Collegiate System for Delta State Skools of Nursing for College of Nursing wey dey Agbor, Ika South.

He say instead of to tok make medical pipo nor travel , e beta make dem train many so that if dem dey travel sef e nor go dey show for the system.

According to Govor Nigeria go fit use the many medical pipo wey dem dey train, come to agreement with oda obodo oyibo kontris make dem dey fit train and karey beta hands to this kontri.

He say hin nor like as some medical pipo dey treat patient anyhow and nor dey even resin dem as human being.

Okowa come dey put am for all the medical students bodi make dem make sure say dem dey epp patients with love everytime.

He come say the problem of nurses, midwives and dokitors wey dey travel from the kontri be wan kind and e dey trouble the health care system.

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