No Fuel to take fly airoplane

Plenti pipo wey wan use airoplane take travel, e nor dey easy for dem as the airoplane fuel don dey hard to get, plus if dem even see am sef na N440 dem dey buy and gist dey roll say e go high pass like that.

As Daily Trust talk, many airoplane workers dey cancel dem flight or e go delay small before dem fly. Even on Tuesday and Wednesday many of the airline nor fit fly cus of the fuel mata.

One pesin wey dey work with airoplane, folow tori pesin talk yesterday say the tin nor easy for dem bodi.

But anoda pesin wey dey sell fuel say, no be true say fuel to put for the airoplane nor dey and even if e nor dey the airoplane pipo know wetin to do, but as e be say dem the airoplane dey own the fuel pipo moni nai make dem nor sell give dem. Why anoda pesin wey dey work with airline, say dem nor dey own fuel sellers

Wey tori pesin still dey ask the fuel man wey nor gree call hin name, hin say the resin why the fuel for airoplane go up na dollar mata plus the war wey dey happen for Russia and Ukraine.

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