No go work on Thursday and Friday- Obiano


Govor for Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, don put holiday for Thursday and Friday so that pipo go ready for the election on Saturday.

Na on Wednesday for Jerome Udeorji Seketeria for Awka, wey dem dey do 2021 Public Service Day Celebration, nai the govnor take talk so.

The govnor say, “The public holiday na to allow the state prepare for on Saturday election. Make you wey dey work, call your neighbor because the election must happen.

He come still dey praise the state workforce, “una try, because na corporation make pot of rice full.”

As hin dey talk, he say hin like make Prof Chukwuemeka Soludo take over from am, so make pipo vote for am, because of things wey  Soludo don do.

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